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Monday, September 9, 2019



My name is Mutia. Just call me Muti. 
Born August 6th. Art and Football Enthusiasts
Master's in Business & Management
Numerically old, emotionally young, intellectually stable.
Currently stay for good in Pekanbaru, Riau.

moodtya is my passion project where I shares insights and my adventures mainly based on my mood. That's why I named it mood-tya. My passion in life are travelling, writing and eating. When I'm not in a window seat of a plane, I'm either cafe-hunting or exploring new neighbourhoods.  

Started my journey by sharing most of my wandering through instagram stories. Many encouraged me to 'keep' those findings in better space. So, here I am writing my blog in a mission to inspire even more people to explore and travel the world.

moodtya aims to provide alternative ideas to exploring a new city through my lenses and writings. I also share my love of products, food, trends, and random finds on this blog. 

I'll keep on posting, that's a promise to myself and you who read this. When you visit my blog, that's already a support for me. Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll have the same excitements as I have, hopefully by reading this blog you will see there are places outside, waiting to be found and loved. 

I welcomes press materials, trips, and product reviews focusing on beauty, fashion, food and travel. Invites and collaborations please email me and let's discuss for more


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